Monday, January 18, 2010

Family time...

My in-laws had all four of their boys and their families at their house this weekend. I don't think I've seen either of them smile this much in a long time!
Maw Maw kept getting attacked by the younger grand kids every time she sat down, but I don't think she minded a bit...

I don't know if you're going to be able to handle all the happiness in this next picture, so I'll warn you ahead of time...the boys were so THRILLED and all smiles to take a snapshot with their daddy...I mean really excited about it. (They just weren't in the mood for pictures because they were relaxed and just having fun watching us girls be crazy. They didn't want to be bothered with a picture.)

I do not even want to see all the pictures that my sis-n-law caught on camera...there's really no telling what will show up on Facebook in the next few days!

We had dinner together on Saturday, and went to a church function that night, then we went to church Sunday morning and all had Sunday dinner together. I SO needed all the laughs that us girls had together this weekend! I have the greatest sister-n-laws ever, and we are more like sisters than anything else. We have a lot of mutual friends from the church so we all went out to eat with several of the couples in our church Sunday night after the church service and I laughed so much I hurt! It was just the medicine that I needed!

Since I didn't have my camera out much at the house...(You're shocked, I know!)...I'll share a couple of the pictures of Anthony's brother that preached for us Sunday night. They wanted me to take a few pictures of them together, so I'll share them.

Ricky and Nida (He's the only brother that does not live here in the same town as the rest. He pastors a church in Baycliff, Texas).

Their family...including the new little guy, Laingston, who is only three weeks old.

Have you ever tried to take a picture when you are laughing so hard you're shaking? I only wish my camera could have recorded all the conversations during these pictures...but I think the smiles tell most of the story.

It's been a fun weekend, and tomorrow's gonna be a quiet day around here when Ricky and Nida and the kids leave to go back home. But all the laughter and memories will carry us over till the next visit. Now we're off to Maw Maw's house to have another meal and visit before we all go our separate ways for the week.

Then it's home for me...I have a lot of packing to do. Me and Landon are headed to Texas. I can't wait to see all my family and friends there, and maybe even sneak in a visit to one of my favorite churches there...if I get to stay through the weekend.


Miller Racing Family said...

Wow look at all those smiles. Well besides the boys (which I think is common in any family). The pictures with you mother in law and the grandkids is priceless. Have a safe trip to Texas.

Carol Kennon said...

Thanks, Tanya. I still can't comment on blogs here until my brother n law gets this glitch thing fixed. I don't know why we even bothered to take one of the guys since they were so unplesant about it. I'm waiting on copies of all the pics my sis-n-law took because we girls had enough fun for everyone!