Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The preciousness of TIME

Have you ever made the statement, 'If I had known then what I know now'?

I know I've made that statement at least a million times. There are many situations that I know would have a different outcome if I had the chance to live them all over again. I've asked myself the questions over and over...

One of the things that causes me to recognize the preciousness of time is all the WASTE of time I experienced in my past.

Why did I spend years of my life wasting time trying to reconcile and make peace with someone who didn't care about me in the first place. Why did I spend so many years trying to please an individual who was putting more hurt than good into my life. Why did I react to that situation in the manner that I did? Why did I spend so much time and energy on such frivolous things that never amount to squat? Why? Why? Why?

By looking back, I realize now, that there were so many other opportunities knocking at my door then and I just didn't recognize them, I didn't see them for what they were. However...I can't change the past, so why dwell on it? Dwelling on all that I may have done wrong in the past won't make the future any better. No, all I can do is change the present so that my actions and reactions of today will make a difference in my tomorrows. What I can change is my MINDSET.

So, Lord, with the time that I have left, I am going to make every day count. I'm going to do what the Bible says and 'redeem the time'. I'm gonna make my latter days greater than my former days. I'm gonna spend my energy on things that will count for something.

There are some criticism's that I simply will not respond to, because I don't have time to spend the rest of my life, explaining my life and my choices to people who can't understand what God is doing in me and for me. There will be some enemies that I won't even try to resolve conflict with...they can go ahead and have a problem with me, I don't have the time to have a problem with them because I've got to preserve the time, maximize the moment, and move into my destiny!

I will lend my energy to the right things...not to foolishness and definitely not to wastefulness! I just don't have time...and frankly, I have a different mindset. My focus is on greater things that are yet to come. I've been called here for a purpose, my vision is great, my hands are ready for the work, my life has greater purpose than dealing with the pettiness and little issues that would only distract me from what God really wants to work through me.

I am going to redeem the time I have left! Greater things are yet to come, Greater things are still to be done...when and only when I let go of all things in the past, put my trust in HIM and let HIM lead me into a new dimension.


Miller Racing Family said...

Girl, I always love your post. It never fails you give me something to think about. I think one of my hardest things to deal with is holding a grudge. How much time I waste by being mad and the other person doesn't even have a clue that anything is wrong.
Thanks for a great post.

Carol Kennon said...

I've been there and done that too, Tanya. I just hate that I wasted so much time in that area of my life...but if I've learned from it, then it wasn't all bad.