Monday, February 8, 2010

Church In A Day...FINISHED!

Well, the church is finished but I don't have pictures of the finished product. We had to leave early because my husband became very ill. I think it had a lot to do with working in the cold and wet conditions. He tried to stick it out till it was completed, but just couldn't. Several of the men were sick or not feeling well from being out in the weather.

Here's some pictures that I have of the church being finished on Saturday. I'll have pics of the finished and decorated inside in a few days since we're going to visit them in a couple of weeks. They did have a wonderful service in their new building Sunday at 2pm. We're so happy for our friends! I really love that the building process made the front page news...a WHOLE page dedicated to it, with full color pictures.

This particular 'Church In A Day' was special to us because it was for one of my husband's friends. They work together on Foreign and Home Missions for the Louisiana District.

Landon was there for a couple of hours Saturday...And OF COURSE, he found the mud to be exciting!

He wasn't the only one...all the kiddos found the mud to be the playground of choice.

As soon as we go see our friends and get some pictures of the finished building, I'll post some pictures. It's amazing that on Friday morning they started with a slab and by midnight Friday the structure was complete, and the inside work was being started. Then to be able to have their first service on Sunday in a completed building, fully decorated, (curtains and all!) just amazes me every time! I think this is one of the greatest things to be a part of that our organization does. I'm just thankful that we have almost eight months to rest before the next one is started.

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Miller Racing Family said...

Amazing is the best way to describe this project. Thanks for sharing and I hope your husband gets to feeling better.