Saturday, February 6, 2010

Church In A Day...Part 2

Well, here's a few pictures of the progress of the church as of about 10pm last night. My husband and the crew from our church stayed till almost 3am this morning because they were so far behind due to weather related conditions. Work resumed this morning at 7am, but we won't be going till noon. I'm excited about seeing the finished product, and I know that all the workers will be excited to see things finished.

When I tell you it was muddy, that's an understatement! We've had rain for the last week here in Louisiana, so you can imagine how bad it was.

Told you it was muddy...

So many workers doing so many different things at the same time!

The inside coming together...

One of my husband's preacher friends and I were in a camera war and just got shots of each other taking pictures of the other.

But...I caught him off guard and WON!!!

We called this our People Aquarium...I think the A/C guys were as amused by it as we were because they kept posing for us! LOL

This was the popular footwear for the day...

I love that our District Supertendent, Rev. Kevin Cox, even came to help!

There was quite a bit of fun mixed in with all the work...

But there was always someone with a bullhorn to get everyone back on track!

My husband, and a couple of the guys from our church were TIRED...they didn't stop working till almost 3am and are headed back to work till it's completed today.

So, hopefully when I get home this evening I'll have pictures of a completed and fully decorated church building. After the guys finish all their painting and carpet laying and finishing touches today, us ladies get to go in and make the place beautiful! To say I'm excited about the decorating part is an understatement. That's like the icing on a warm cake!

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Miller Racing Family said...

Wow, what progress. You were not kidding when you said there was a lot of mud. I love the photo of the girls in the bucket of the tractor. It is great to see all God's people working together. Can't wait to see the final product!