Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another day...Another Doctor!

Actually, it was TWO more doctors.

When we took Landon to the doctor this morning, he sent him straight over to see a new ENT specialist that only deals with children and mainly with the nose. He showed my husband and I just where the three fractures were and then told us that his main concern is that Landon has blood in his sinus cavities and his right nostril is 100% blocked by blood that has clotted and the left is 90% blocked with clotted blood. So, that fully explained why he has been having a difficult time breathing and has been having to breath through his mouth.

We really liked this new doctor and were very pleased with the way he explained everything to us. He is allowing us to wait until Monday to make the decision on whether or not we want to proceed with the surgical procedure that he would normally do for this type of fracture. The swelling must be down more and the blood must be drained before he can do anything else. We are praying that the blood loosens and begins to drain on it's own or we will have to do a procedure to drain it.

The ENT's main concern is Landon's age and his being able to handle the procedure and the pain involved. Since he can only be given a local anesthetic, he would feel a lot of the pain involved with going into the nose and packing it and putting a splint on the nose. He suggest that we wait and take it day by day and make our decisions as they need to be made. He's seen grown men and teenagers not be able to handle the procedure very well, so he is concerned that Landon would be too young for this to be a successful procedure.

Landon was not concerned...he said, "I'm tough. I've already had stitches."

He has NO CLUE! lol

He's been a trooper! He never complains unless his medicine has worn off and he's hurting a lot, or until he lays down to sleep and he can't breath well. He has to be propped up with lots of pillows to sleep but his favorite place to sleep has been in my arms in the rocking chair. He says he just feels better when I hold him that way. Honestly, I feel better too because I can check on him without getting up and I can know that he is breathing well. However...my arms HURT when I put them down to my side. I think they are beginning to shrink to that curved position.

For the next few days, Landon has to wear a mask when he's in public or anytime he's outside the house in order to try and keep all the allergens, pollen, and dirt and germs out of his inflamed nostrils. The last thing we need is to make this worse by an infection. He has a small infection now, but it's being treated with antibiotics. I hate the looks of this mask thingy, but he thinks it's super cool.

He feels like some kind of superhero in it! He even got out his Superman cape tonight and wore it around the house with his mask on. I just don't know about the boy...

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Bless your heart. We will be praying for all of you.