Friday, April 23, 2010

Update on Landon....

Landon went to see the specialist again this morning and his sinus cavities are 30% unblocked and he's breathing so much better. I'm so thankful that the test results today showed that he has very little damage to the cartilage of his nose and that in time (about six weeks), all the cartilage will be well and the inflammation will be gone. All I know is he's a tough little guy. He has not taken his pain medication in two days and says that he can handle the pain cause he don't want to sleep. (Guess he figured out real fast that the pain medicine makes him sleepy.)

He has another appointment on Monday morning to see if we will have to do a small procedure at the hospital on Tuesday morning to drain his sinus cavity and nasal passages. I'm hoping and praying that they continue to drain on their own because my plans are to leave Wednesday morning to go to my parents house and spend a week or two. If he has to have the procedure done, he won't be able to ride that far because of the bleeding risk.'s to much prayer and hope that all goes well!

I'm SOOOO ready to see all my family in Texas! And, all my church family in GP!

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