Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Farewell to another hero...

What a beautiful Home going service today for Pastor G. David Hennigan. When a man lives his life in a manner that his spirit speaks even after the life has gone from his body, there are no words to describe the loss you feel.

The service today was a beautiful tribute to a great man of God. I have never sat in a funeral and felt such a sweet and overwhelming presence of God like I did today. There were many tears, but they were tears of sadness that we had all lost a special friend, confidante, pastor, mentor, here in this life. There was sadness at the thought of not being able to see him here and go to him for his counsel or advice on the situations we face. Yet, in the midst of the sadness and tears was that beautiful sense of peace that flooded your soul and just put a smile on your face.

We will miss you, Pastor Henningan. Anthony and I will miss your touch on our lives, we will miss your guidance, we will miss that voice that spoke such words of wisdom to us. That voice that we have found much strength and much peace in, especially in this last year of our lives. But as much as we will miss you, we know that your view today is much better than anything here on this earth. We know that cancer only took the body...not the soul. The cancer has been defeated in death, but you have won the final victory. Heaven.

We bid farewell to a great man of God. You carried the gospel of Jesus Christ like no other man will ever be able to do. You were a giant of a man in our lives. Not just physically, but spiritually.

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