Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday

Landon had an awesome party. The dump truck on his cake was one of the trucks in my grandfathers car collection that Landon got after my grandmother passed. I loved that he wanted to use it on his cake. I'm quite sure my grandparents were smiling about that too.

I loved that Landon told me he really didn't know what to wish for when he blew out his candles because he was already happy about everything. That really made my day!

My child asked for the oddest things for his birthday. He wanted betta fish, frogs, crickets (the kind of crickets you use as fishing bait), and knives for his knife collection.

He was pretty happy that he got a male and a female betta fish, and their tanks too.

And he was really thrilled with another knife.

He got $90 at his party, two betta fish and all their tanks and food and setups, two knives for his collection, math books (because he has an obession with math and numbers), several airplanes, helicopters, construction sets, slip n slide, new games, and so many other things. Then he got $50 in the mail today, and two other birthday gifts from some of my friends in Texas. When we went to church tonight, he collected 5 new knives for his collection, some gold coins that he's started collecting and $25. I would have to say he has had a great birthday celebration!

Thanks to all our friends who have made his birthday special this year. I asked him what he was going to buy with his money and he wants to go shopping for a small cabinet that locks to put his knife and coin collections in. The boy is serious about this collection stuff. He gets that honestly because I am a collector and my grandparents were both avid and serious collectors.

Mommy asked Landon if he was going to pay me and daddy back for the pool we bought him on Monday with his birthday money. (See, that was the deal when we went to look at the pools. We would go ahead and buy it because it was on sale and about to go off sale, and when he got his birthday money he could pay us back.) His answer to me was, "But already paid for that pool. It can just be another gift from you and daddy and I can keep my money."

I see how that works....I can assure you I am not paying for his cabinet he buys for his knives. Nope...he will pay for it with his own money. That way he knows he spent it! Gotta love kids and the way they think.


Elena said...

That's cool! Sounds like Landon had a great birthday. Mary loves our beta fish. She calls him Julia:)

Miller Racing Family said...

What a fabulous birthday day. I love the cake and the five in the dump truck is so cute. Can you believe that our boys are five, where has the time gone.