Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Home...but not for long.

I had the best time ever with my family in Texas this past week. My parents smiled more than I've seen them smiling in a long time because all four of their children and all their grandchildren were at the same place at the same time. Talk about some noise! It was great to be able to spend time with all my family and friends in Texas...I miss them all so much, but the greatest thing is that when we see each other we just pick up where we left off and it's like we've never been apart!

I came home early Monday morning and unpacked, done laundry, and now I'm repacked and ready to go to Harrisonburg and Manifest, Louisiana for Thanksgiving with my in-laws and all the family. We're staying on my in-laws lease land and fishing, hunting and riding four-wheelers, so Landon is bouncing off the walls at this point! He's so excited that he's going to get to go into the woods and getting to go out in the boat. I'm wondering how in the world he's gonna be able to sit still for a three hour drive!

Hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving Holiday!

My baby brother, Josh and his new puppy...who DID NOT like me much!

My oldest brother, Kenny and myself. Landon took a picture of us, so it's blurry. (My sister somehow kept avoiding the camera?)

My buddies at the Thanksgiving Feast. (Since I promised Monica I wouldn't post pics of her eating...wait, DID I PROMISE???)

Landon was excited he got to visit his favorite place...The Rain Forest Cafe in Grapevine, Texas

I did promise my mom that I wouldn't post ALL the pics I took of her learning to dance at the hotel me and my sister was at...so therefore I will only post ONE...not ALL of them. I try to keep my word! My niece, Kayla kept cracking up at my moms lack of rhythm. Oh, the fun we had and oh the pictures and videos I have for blackmail material! LOL

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Miller Racing Family said...

Looks like you all had a blast. Enjoy your time with the in-laws on the farm.
Happy Thanksgiving, Carol!